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    release of promotion order


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    release of promotion order

    Post by mlg1471 on Sat Jun 22, 2013 6:13 pm

     Please clarify that if an employee had been cleared by ZPC/DPC for promotion after taking into consideration ACR/vigilance clearance:

    1.Office orders had been issued by the competent authority and in case some vigilance 
    clearance under major /minor penalty /show cause notice had come up  before release of promotion order,will the promotion order  be released or not.
    2. If the authority uses  its power to block release of promotion, what action will be taken against him.
    3. Copy of circular be quoted on the issue.
    B. 1) If an officer is retiring on 31st March,2013 and before  his retirement, charge sheet under major penalty is served, can his salary for March,2013 be with-hold on this account or salary will be paid.

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