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    Pay Revision: some observation


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    Pay Revision: some observation Empty Pay Revision: some observation

    Post by Swarup on Fri Aug 21, 2009 2:18 pm

    It seems that we have given up the main demand for which we started with much fervor and passion, i.e. up gradation of pay, and most of the people are now pleased to settle with mere pay revision which in any case we are going to get, either today or tomorrow.

    The core issue remains, whether the ill treatment we had received in the last pay revision in comparison to other similar PSUs will now be removed or not? DPE has categorically placed all the PSUs irrespective of their present status, in a single bracket by forcing all of them to adopt a uniform pay structure with uniform scales and this is likely to be a standard norm henceforth.

    Thus, now on E0 to E9 will be same for all the PSUs. But the catch line is, the officers in PSUs already having higher pay scales are being fitted in a much higher stage than the new comers joining after 01.01.2007.

    For example an entry level officer in OIL which is having lower status than FCI, as per Rao Committee report, in E1 scale by virtue of already being in Rs. 12000/- scale, has got a minimum fitment in Rs. 27800/-which is much higher than even proposed AGM & DGM scale in FCI. If we are unable to get pay upgradation this time, our E2 scales will be fitted at a minimum of Rs. 24910/-. As per present trend, it is probably the last opportunity for us to remove or settle at least some part of the anomaly in pay scales, because once the new scales are accepted and implemented, we will be losing on future fitments in 2117 too, as we seem to be losing now.

    It is time to ponder on some other aspects too. DPE has deliberately kept the scales in PSUs low in comparison to similar levels in CDA keeping view of PRP and ESOP aspect, which will form a substantial part in Executives pay packet. However, it is certain that FCI will lose on ESOP part and it is also doubtful on the eligibility and quantity of PRP part. Add this situation to the fact that we are having only 5 out of 10 scales in the pay band for executives and very grim prospect of further promotion, anything less than a pay upgradation will be disastrous for not only the executives but also for the Cat III and IV people whose pay negation depends on cascading effects. The present generation being much more career concerned, prospect of FCI as an organization is also not looking very bright.

    So it is now or never………….

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