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    National Conference of FCI Officers Association


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    National Conference of FCI Officers Association

    Post by Admin on Wed Apr 22, 2009 10:37 am

    The next National Conference is scheduled to be held at Hyderabad on 9th May 2009.
    Time : 9.30 AM
    Birla Auditorium
    Opp. Rabindra Bharthi
    Naam Pally
    Near State Assembly
    (500 mtrs from FCI office)

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    Re: National Conference of FCI Officers Association

    Post by Admin on Fri May 15, 2009 4:22 pm


    The Conference was held at Birla Auditorium, Hyderabad on 9th May, 2009. The Conference started with a welcome to the Delegates by Regional President Shri Gola Prasad who warmly congratulated all the Delegates who had assembled for discussion on the problems of the Officers in the Corporation. He then requested the Chief Guest Shri S.S. Bhatoa to come to the dais, who lighted the sacred lamp indicating the inauguration of the Conference. .Shri B. Kalyana Chakravarthi who had taken over as General Manager (Region), Andhra Pradesh on 8.5.2009, was also present.

    The inauguration over, General Secretary Shri J.S. Tuli presented his yearly report enumerating various efforts and endeavors made by the Association for furthering the cause of the officers in the Corporation as well as with the Govt. of India and DPE. He gave the details of the activities of the Association including participation in meetings, demonstrations, Dharna and Marches for achieving the goal of wage-revision for IDA Executives which is almost nearing it culmination.

    The report of the General Secretary was followed by Presidential comments by Shri S.P. KAR who lauded efforts of the officers who have contributed for making the organization strong and have shown their willingness to shoulder the responsibility of office bearer ship in the future. The President informed the delegates about the clearance of wage revision proposal by the Ministry which was applauded by every delegate present in the conference. The President informed that while clearing the file it has been decided that the pay scale recommended by DPE vide order dated 26.11.08 and 2.4.2009 be implemented straight away for FCI executives while the issue for parity of scales with other undertakings is being sent to DPE where it is likely to be cleared as DPE should have no objection, to the proposal as it does not change the scales which are prescribed by DPE itself. The gathering was also addressed by Smt. Seema Kakar, Dr. C.L. Ram and Shri Kalyana Chakravarty. Thereafter, Chief Guest Sh. S.S. Bhatoa delivered his key note address asking the officers of the Corporation to unite for achieving the cherished goals.

    The delegates session started wherein S/Shri Arjun Yadav, D. Rameshwar, Sh. Saha, Munir Hussain, Malla Reddy, A.S Khokhar, S.K.Gupta, Gagan Mishra, Satapathi, Manoharan, Debashish Misra, John of Matha and many others participated. Some points raised by them were as follows: -

    1. Ration to FCI employees on the same analogy where free tickets are given to the employees of Railways/Air-India etc.;
    2. Gift to the employees on their marriage anniversary/birthdays;
    3. Formation of parameters for storage and transit losses depending upon the state and type of storage as geographical location and storage conditions are not uniform and can not be similar in coastal areas vis-à-vis hinterland;
    4. Changing public perception about the functioning of FCI through word of mouth publicity as well as by whatever means available at the disposal of officers anywhere in the country;
    5. Putting an end to the victimization of the officers just before their retirement by raking up age old cases;
    6. Permission to Managers for air journey while on tour and for delegation of power in this regard to the General Managers of the Region;
    7. Incentive for those officers who are instrumental in containing the storage and transit losses;
    8. Uniform Promotion policy for Engineering Officers in all Zones;
    9. Greetings to the newly recruited officers through E-mail or by mobile phones and enrolling them as members of the Association;
    10. Recruitment of staff in Cat. III to fulfill the gap created due to the large scale retirement and recruitment at the level of Management trainees only in the officer cadre;
    11. Contribution of 1 day salary for the FCI Officers cause to be utilized for those officers/office bearers who are victimized by the management for taking part in the activities of the Association;
    12. Creation of additional storage space in Southern Tamil Nadu and also at Thanjavur, the birth place of FCI;
    13. Formation of a policy for taking care of burgeoning stocks in the larger national perspective on a long term basis so as the officers are not held responsible whenever stocks are stored in the open exposed to the vagaries of nature, after the immediate emergency is over;
    14. Formation of HRD policy assuring at least 3 promotions to the employees in the service career at par with Central Govt. employees;
    15. Repatriation of all deputanists and in case if it becomes necessary the DR Quota posts should be advertised so that FCI can choose the best available talent;
    16. To have same medical facilities to the retired officers at par with serving employees;
    17. To have a better pension scheme for the officers.
    18. The outgoing Committee was then dissolved by Shri S.P. Kar who is leaving the Corporation for better prospects elsewhere and was assigned the role of Returning officer for conducting election to the new body which was elected unanimously by show of hands and voice vote of the delegates present. The details of the Committee so elected are being circulated separately. The newly elected President, Shri S.S. Bhatoa gave his acceptance speech and assured that he would do whatever possible for taking up the cause of the Officers with the Management and was hopeful that together the officers can achieve a lot as their demands are reasonable and just. He also called upon the delegates to do their duty in the best interest of the Corporation, as this is our own Alma Mater. He further assured that he has taken note of the various suggestions that have come up during the deliberations and that the FCIOA would take steps to ensure that all legitimate demands of the Officers are taken up with the Management. The Conference ended with a vote of the thanks by Sh. Malla Reddy, Regional Secretary, Andhra Pradesh.

    The National Committee also thanked the hosts for making beautiful arrangements which invited appreciation from every one present in the Conference.

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    Re: National Conference of FCI Officers Association

    Post by Swarup on Fri May 15, 2009 8:22 pm

    Thank you Sir for the post.

    We were eagerly waiting for it. It is heartening to know that some of the burning issues concerning all of us in FCI were raised and deliberated upon in the National Conference. Let us hope that Management would consider them sympathetically and take appropriate action. But, these issues have to be pursued upon constantly by the FCIOA to get a fruitful result.

    Long live FCIOA

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    Re: National Conference of FCI Officers Association

    Post by akj2993 on Mon May 25, 2009 2:09 pm


    I intend to know all about the proposals of FCIOA for wage revision of Officers including pay-scales fitment formulae and other allowances /perks etc. The offer of Management as well ?
    I hope to get an early reply at my email address akj2993@yahoo.co.in


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    Re: National Conference of FCI Officers Association

    Post by Admin on Mon May 25, 2009 11:48 pm

    akj2993 wrote:Sir,

    I intend to know all about the proposals of FCIOA for wage revision of Officers including pay-scales fitment formulae and other allowances /perks etc. The offer of Management as well ?
    I hope to get an early reply at my email address akj2993@yahoo.co.in

    This forum has been created because sending replies/information individually to all concerned is not practically possible, given that all the Office Bearers are also holding responsible posts and have to devote time for Association work only after office hours and cutting into their personal lives.

    The proposal of the FCI Management to the Ministry on revision of Scales, based on the demands placed by the Association is available at this link

    The demands of the Association regarding Allowances and Other benefits is already posted in this forum at this link
    However, the Management is yet to take a view in this regard.

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    Post by Admin on Sat May 21, 2011 12:18 am

    The next National Conference is scheduled to be held at New Delhi on11th June 2011.
    Time : 9.30 AM
    Venue:FCI Hqrs Auditorium

    All Officers are cordially welcome.

    In case anyone wishes to submit any specific agenda for discussion, the same may be posted here or mailed to fciofficersassociation@googlegroups.com

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    Re: National Conference of FCI Officers Association

    Post by choubey.vijay on Mon Jun 27, 2011 6:59 pm

    What is the outcome of the FCIOA meeting held on 11.06.2011.Any new development has taken place??

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    Re: National Conference of FCI Officers Association

    Post by Admin on Thu Jul 07, 2011 12:41 am


    The 10th National Conference of the FCI Officers Association was held on 11th June 2011, at FCI Hqrs Auditorium. It was attended by officers of FCI from all over India.

    The house welcomed back Sh. S.P. Kar, who has joined back to FCI from his deputation. The house also expressed it sadness at the parting of S. J.S. Tuli from active membership on account of his superannuation on 30th June, 2011.

    Officers from different parts of the Country expressed their views on various issues. They desired that the pending issues like pension scheme, post-retirement medical scheme, upgradation of pay-scales, revision of scales for Doctors, revision of existing benevolent fund scheme etc. may be taken up immediately. They also specially thanked Sh. Tuli for steering the Association to its present state.

    In his final address as the General Secretary, Sh. Tuli recalled the progression of the Association in the past 15 years. He also recalled the efforts made during the last four years in making the Association a recognised force, both with the FCI Management as well as with the general PSU hierarchy. He particularly expressed his happiness on the fact that now the FCI management also gives credence to the Association instead of earlier practice of consulting only the Unions. He emphasised the fact that in terms of pure increase in pay, the officers of FCI has got one of the best revision benefits among all PSUs, as the Association managed to get not only revision of pay but also maximum possible fringe benefits as per DPE guidelines. In fact, they pay of Officers of FCI have practically doubled between Aug 2009 (before revision of scales) and Oct 2010 (after revision of allowances). He also specially thanked both the Staff Unions, their respective general secretaries, Sh. M.C. Tyagi and Sh. Vinod Kumar, as well as some of the senior persons of FCI and the Ministry, including Sh. Anup Kumar, IAS, without whose help this would not have been possible. He dispelled any notion that the benefits were automatically due to FCI officers. He informed that from the level of AS&FA, Secretary(Food) and MoS, all had recommended only 30% fringe benefits and only due to the appeal made to the good offices of the then Food Minister, it was revised to 40%. He also referred to the increase in the entitlement of lease accommodation to at par with other PSUs. He further informed that FCI is the only subsidy based/non-profit CPSE where full benefits of pay revision has been extended and in all other such organisations either pay-revision itself is pending or fringe benefits have not been extended in full. He also informed that the ground work for getting the Association registered under the Societies Act have been completed and hoped that the new General Secretary would complete the process. He called upon the younger generation of officers to come forward and take up the mantle to carry the Association forward. He agreed that there is a fear of retribution that may be preventing younger officers from active participation. He proposed that a special fund be created for this purpose to help the families of any officers against whom any action is taken by the management on account of his actions as part of the Association. He detailed the issues that are still pending and hoped that the future leadership of the Association would achieve them.

    In his address, Sh. S.S. Bhatoa, President FCIOA, expressed happiness at the achievements of the Association during the last two years. At the same time he emphasised the need to be united and focused to continue to build upon what has already been achieved. He also called upon all officers to come forward and take active participation in the Association so that it could become more broad-based. He also expressed his happiness over the way the National Committee, with Sh. Tuli in the forefront, has worked as a coherent team to achieve the common benefits of the officers.

    Sh. S. Ghosh, Finance Secretary, submitted the Income and Expenditure Statement for the period since the 9th National Conference.

    The following resolutions were passed by the house,

    1. The Association would continue to work towards the common goals and benefits of all officers of FCI, both present as well as past. For this purpose, the Association shall work closely with all interest groups, including both the Staff Unions.
    2. An active Regional Committee of the Association shall be set up at all the Regions. For this purpose, the senior-most FCI officer posted in that Zone shall be nominated as the Regional President.
    3. The Association would take up with the management all the pending issues particularly those relating to revision of pay of Doctors, implementation of the pension scheme already approved by the FCI BoD, implementation of employer funded post-retirement medical benefit scheme, revision of other benefits like benevolent fund, house building advance, calamity advance/grant etc.
    4. The Association would take up with the management the need for creation of merit based fast-track promotion avenues to existing Cat.II officers by way of creation of a quota for Direct Recruitment through departmental exam.
    5. The Association would take up with the management the need for review of the existing educational and experience criteria of direct recruitment in Cat.I posts so that the internal candidates are not put at a disadvantage vis-a-vis external candidates, particularly from the private sector.
    6. The Association would take up with the management the need to have uniform quota for Direct Recruitment at Manager, AGM and DGM levels.
    7. The Association would take up with the management the need to revert to rota-quota based system of fixing of All India seniority of Managers in place of existing procedure based on joining date which puts all officers of an entire Zone at a disadvantage in case the DPC of that Zone is delayed.
    8. A Support Fund would be set up to take care of the families of any officers against whom any action is taken by the management on account of his actions as part of the Association. A one time contribution of Rs.1000 shall be made by each officer towards this fund.

    As per standard procedure, the existing Committee tendered their resignation and Sh. S.P. Kar was appointed the convener for the process of election of the new National Committee. While the house wanted Sh. Tuli to continue as General Secretary even after his retirement, it respected his decision not to offer himself for re-election. However, the house requested for his continued guidance as the patron of the Association, which he agreed to.

    The house elected the following committee,

    1. Sh. S. S. Bhatoa, President
    2. Sh. Surinder Singh, Sr. Working President
    3. Sh. B. S. Mohapatra, Sr. Working President
    4. Sh. A. K. Bhattacharya, Working President
    5. Smt. Seema Kakkar, Working President
    6. Sh. O. P. Dani, Sr. Vice President
    7. Sh. R. P. Singh, Sr. Vice President
    8. Sh. M. S. Bhullar, General Secretary
    9. Sh. S. Ghosh, Finance Secretary

    The house also authorised the President to co-opt other members of the National Committee and the Executive Committee.

    The meeting ended with a vote of thanks.

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    Re: National Conference of FCI Officers Association

    Post by Admin on Tue Oct 18, 2011 1:43 pm


    Shri M. S. Bhullar who had been elected as the General Secretary in the last General Body Meeting had requested to be relieved of his responsibility as he was not able to devote adequate time due to his other commitments.

    Accordingly, the President FCI OA had called an emergency meeting on 20th Sept 2011 during lunch hours in his chamber to discuss this issue and other issues relating to the functioning of the association. All current and past central office bearers who were available in FCI Headquarters on that date as well as other officers present in headquarters were requested to attend the meeting.

    1. The house decided that till such time a new regular General Secretary can be elected though a General Body Meeting, a suitable person may be appointed, after confirming his willingness, to function as the General Secretary in place of Sh. Bhullar. After due deliberation and after confirming his willingness, it was decided that Shri Saikat Ghosh, GM(Cost) Hqrs, who had been elected as Finance Secretary in the last General Body Meeting, would function as the General Secretary till the next General Body Meeting.

    2. It was also decided that to make the association more efficient, Sh. Saikat Ghosh would be assisted by the following officers functioning as Joint General Secretaries in respective fields

    (a) A. Rajagopal, DGM(Vig) Hqrs – HR
    (b) George Kouriakose, DGM(Legal) Hqrs – Legal
    (c) G. N. Raju, DGM(Proc) Hqrs – Operations
    (d) A. M. Awasthi, AGM(A&R) Hqrs – Organisation
    (e) Dinesh Tripathi, AGM(Proc) Hqrs – Co-ordination
    (f) Anil Dhillon, AGM(IT) Hqrs – Co-ordination
    (g) Prince Hemraj Verma, Manager (Training), IFS – Co-ordination

    3. In view of his taking over as General Secretary, Sh. Saikat Ghosh relinquished the charge of Finance Secretary and it was decided that Sh. Sanjeev K. Kaushik, AGM(CPF), Hqrs would function as the Joint Finance Secretary with independent charge till a regular Finance secretary is elected through a General Body Meeting.

    4. It was also decided to continue to draw upon the experience and expertise of Shri J. S. Tuli, ex-General Secretary, for the overall benefit of officers of the Corporation. It was decided that he would be requested to function as advisor and technical consultant for a period of six months. It was also decided that he would advise and help facilitate and guide the new General Secretary and his team to work towards achievement of the common benefits of the officers. As he has since superannuated it was decided that he would be offered a monthly consolidated honorarium of Rs.10000.

    5. It was decided that all possible steps would be taken as and when required in coordination with the Staff Unions to to safeguard the common interests of the the employees of the Corporation.

    6. It was also decided that regular quarterly review of the progress of affairs would be made by the President FCIOA.

    The meeting ended with a vote of thanks to the Chair.


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    National Confrence 2012

    Post by Admin on Tue May 29, 2012 11:53 pm

    The next National Conference is scheduled to be held at Ludhiana on 9th June 2012.

    Time : 10.00 AM

    Punjabi Bhawan
    Near DC Office
    Bharat Nagar Chowk

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    Re: National Conference of FCI Officers Association

    Post by Admin on Sun Jun 17, 2012 9:37 pm

    Report of the General Secretary at 11th National Conference, 9th June 2012, Ludhiana

    Dear Officers,

    The last General Body Meeting was held on 11th June 2011 at Hqrs. So we are meeting exactly after one year. The last one year has been a year of transition. During the last meeting, due to the request of Sh. J.S. Tuli to be relieved of the responsibilities of the post of General Secretary on account of his retirement and personal obligations, Mr. M.S. Bhullar was chosen as the General Secretary. However, in September 2011 he requested to be relieved of his responsibilities as he was finding it difficult to devote time due to his official and other engagements. As it was difficult to hold another General Body Meeting immediately, with the consent of other office bearers, as a temporary measure, I had taken over the responsibilities of the General Secretary till the next General Body Meeting.

    The last few months have been one of consolidation and follow-up. One major aspect was our ability to work in coordination with the BKNK Sangh on issues of common interest. Many of our goals are common goals of all employees. They can be achieved quicker if we work in close co-ordination with the Staff Unions. With this objective in mind we have tried to foster a better relationship between the Association and the Unions.

    One significant issue that came up during the year, affecting all employees of FCI, was the issue of de-recognition of the FCI CPF Trust. Due to an amendment of the Income Tax Act, all older Trusts required fresh exemption certificate. The Association worked in conjunction with BKNK Sangh on this issue and took up at various political levels and we met several UPA Ministers to influence the Labour Ministry and the Finance Ministry. Similar efforts were also made by employees of other affected PSUs. Thanks to the efforts of all concerned, the Finance Ministry have given a respite of one year and the Association would try to work with the Management to ensure that the FCI CPF Trust is able be meet all necessary requirements and obtain the exemption.

    As far as pay revision is concerned, the orders for revised IDA scales for Medical Officers have been issued during the last year and we have been pursuing for issue of similar orders from the Ministry for Selection Grade Managers.

    Many of the other initiatives undertaken during the year are currently under process and have not yet reached their final outcome. The Employer funded Pension Scheme is with the Ministry and even though in typical style several queries have been raised we have ensured that the replies are promptly sent every time. Similarly the Assured Career Progression scheme is also with the Ministry and queries are being raised but we have been pursing with all concerned in this regard. Once implemented, the scheme would also take care of the death-risk of employees as the scheme has an in-built insurance cover to ensure adequate family pension to the dependants in the even of unfortunate death of member during service.

    The committee entrusted with the devising of employer funded post-retirement medical scheme, in which Sh. O.P. Dani and myself were members, have submitted its report and we are pursuing with the Management for placing the same before the BoD. In conjunction with the Staff Unions, we have worked out an improved benevolent fund scheme that would give higher benefits in case of any mis-happening to our younger colleagues. The committee constituted for this purpose have submitted its report and the same is under process for getting the approval of the BoD.

    We had also requested the Management to review the existing guidelines relating to HBA interest subsidy which makes it practically impossible to get any benefit out of them. A committee headed by ED(Fin) have been constituted for this purpose and we expect to have clearer guidelines soon. The committee is also looking into our demand for increasing the limits of vehicle advance.

    While the DA on Tour for Managers and AGM have been increased, no such orders were issued for DGM and above. This has created an anomaly. The powers in this regard has been delegated by the Board to the Executive Committee and we have been in touch with the policy division and have been assured that the agenda for revision would be submitted in the next EC meeting.

    We also understand that our younger colleagues are concerned with their career prospects in FCI. While we are also working for getting the overall sanction strength revised, it would be difficult to achieve the same immediately. Meanwhile, we have taken up with the Management for abolishing Direct Recruitment at DGM level, for considering any Post Graduate as eligible for the direct recruitment of AGMs in non-specialised cadre, for merger of General and Movement cadre to give better promotion prospects to the movement cadre and for having departmental exam based recruitment. An internal committee headed by the then ED(Vig) have agreed to many of our proposals and the Association would continue to work for getting the same approved by the Board.

    Despite being discussed several times in the past, we have not been able to create a legal status for the Association so far. This creates several operational hurdles for us. However, we have made significant progress in this regard and have finalised the basic documents required for registration of the Association. It would be possible to submit the papers with the authorities in Delhi within a month. However, to get National Status we need representation from multiple States and members from different States are requested to come forward and permit us to use their names and residential addresses for this purpose.

    The issue of a new Performance Incentive scheme, in lieu of present PLI, is currently under study by the National Productivity Council and we have been able to provide inputs in this regard. We need to work closely with the concerned divisions to ensure that the new scheme is beneficial for us.

    Over these seven years, the visual recognition of the Association has significantly increased. The googlegroup created by Sh. K.C. Misra in 2005 have been very successful in the last few years in making our presence known. Further online presence of the Association through the interactive Forum website (fcioa.forumotion.net) and through Social networking sites like Orkut and Facebook have also been attempted. While the efforts may be greatly improved, we have made a start in this regard.

    A sizable population of the Managers now associate themselves with the Association, rather than the Unions and hopefully all Managers would gradually be with us. It is also hoped that many of them would come forward and take active participation in the functioning of the Association so that the FCI Officers Association becomes as effective as the Officers body of the Banks and the Oil Sectors. All members are also requested to kindly ensure that Regional Committees be formed at each and every Region to further expand our visibility and reach.

    We have now also been able to earn respect of similar Associations from other PSUs and FCI OA is now a recognised force in the NCOA. Our Jt. General Secretary, Sh. Anil Dhillon has been chosen to be the General Secretary of the Delhi/NCR Zone of the NCOA while Mr. Tuli has been chosen as their Legal consultant.

    There are many other things that we need to pursue, and I am sure that the new office bearers chosen today would continue to work in this regard. Right on the eve of the conference we had a change of guard in FCI with Dr. Amar Singh taking over as the new CMD. He is expected to be holding the post till his retirement after one year in May 2013. It would be a blessing for us as he comes out to be a pro-employee person.

    I would like to thank our president, Sh. S.S. Bhatoa for taking time out of his busy schedule and regularly review the various issues as well as the functioning of the Association and providing valuable advice. I would also specially thank Sh. J.S. Tuli for continuing to provide time and guidance, despite the compulsions of trying to establish a new career in the Legal field. While his responsibilities on the new assignment meant that his time was very limited, he still extended help whenever he could. We respect his need to devote major part of his time to develop his new profession but at the same time we hope that he would continue to find some time to advise us in future also. Sh. Anil Dhillon and Sh. Sanjeev Kaushik, who have been very active in the past one year, represent the newer generation of FCI Officers and I hope that higher active participation from their generation would enrich the Association and take it forward. I am also sure they have benefited from the rich experience of Sh. Tuli and would be able to make more effective contributions in future for our common cause and to become the guiding force of the Association.

    I would also thank our officers from Punjab and Area Manager Ludhiana, Sh. Anuj Tyagi for working hard braving the summer and making today's meeting a reality.

    Thank You.

    Saikat Ghosh

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    Re: National Conference of FCI Officers Association

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