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    govt may end FCI splitting in three entities soon!!!!!!!!!!!!


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    govt may end FCI splitting in three entities soon!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Post by nu_lee2003 on Sat Sep 11, 2010 5:54 pm

    The government is mulling division of the 46-year-old Food Corporation of India into three entities to divide responsibilities of procurement, storage and distribution, respectively, a senior government official said on Thursday.

    “The proposal, which is before government, has already been sounded out to state governments,” said the official on the condition of anonymity.

    The aim is to better manage resources, with one entity looking after procurement, the other storage and the last distribution, the official said.

    “FCI has grown into a big monolith,” said the official. He said it will be prudent to split FCI to improve efficiency.

    The entity handling storage can also tie up with private sector.

    “Private companies can be called to build huge silos to stock grains, freeing government of the responsibility to invest in storage facility,” the official said.

    His comments come amid opposition parties targeting FCI for failing to store food grains properly, with reports saying several million tonne grains were badly damaged and unfit for human consumption.

    The idea behind splitting FCI is to let private sector build silos and other forms of storage facilities even government focuses on efficient procurement and distribution of food grain.

    FCI has played a catalytic role in distribution of grains at subsidised rates to India’s poor, partly ensuring smooth supply of grains in open market by drawing down on its stocks during high inflation, shortages and price volatility. It has also played a role in preventing grain prices from falling below the government-set minimum support price by buying grains from farmers, subject to quality specifications.

    FCI’s major role can be gauged from the fact it bought some 22.53 million tonne wheat from farmers either directly or through state government and other state-owned food agencies so far in 2010-11 (April-March) wheat marketing season. That level of procurement is roughly 90% of total wheat arrival in mandis.

    Similarly, FCI bought 30 million tonne rice in the 2009-10 (October-September) marketing season.

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    Re: govt may end FCI splitting in three entities soon!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Post by pgadurai on Sun Jan 19, 2014 3:23 pm

    There is no splitting it seems. It may be leading to an total closure. If we see the trend of retirement by super annuation and the silence prevailing in all the level of management every body may feel so. The retirement taking place in bunches every month and the recruitment being made is taking snails's pace that too equalise the one month's retired strength. Due to this the the present employees particularly at cat II & cat III level put very great hardship with more than the dual roles. In performing the two or more person's job the individual is likely to neglect the perfection in his performance. This in turn leads to negligence of duty and are subject to booking under the diciplinary and vigilance angle. Wether they are they really accountable for this. The management who have failed to recruit is accountable for this.
    As on sep 2013, 20% in catI, 25% in cat II, 50% in cat III are vacant. By this time (Jan 2013) it might have become still worst. However the victimisation only on the employees working in the field due to this act of the regional, zonal & Hqrs level offices. So definitely they may not worry much. Atleast the saviors trade union & officers association may take up the matter with the concerned for better performance in the public sewrvice of FCI and to safeguard the innocent hard working employees and officers at field level with which the FCI is surviving.

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