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    unwanted act-a must see


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    unwanted act-a must see

    Post by nu_lee2003 on Mon Dec 06, 2010 2:10 pm

    On an RTI ( Right To information) lodged by CNN-IBN, the Food Corporation of India (FCI) has revealed its intentions to outsource India's food security. Prof. M S Swaminathan, the father of India’s green revolution, reacted to the news calling it a national disaster. The government did a poor job of both storing and distributing food grains and let thousands of tonnes simply lie and rot.

    "Outsource India's food security," that’s what the chairman and managing director of Food Corporation of India (FCI) told the government.

    CNN-IBN's RTI query revealed the controversial proposal. On 15th June, 2010, when it was clear that the FCI would face an acute shortage of storage space, FCI CMD Shiraj Hussein sent a note to the food secretary. Swaminathan said the suggestion was suicidal.

    "Handing over food security issues like purchase, storage to private sector etc, was a recipe for national disaster. It would lead to chaos; it would also lead to food riot. It will be the greatest harm done to the people of the country," said Swaminathan.

    The FCI was set up in 1964 and had crucial duties like safeguarding the interests of the farmers, protecting and stabilising prices against global fluctuations and maintaining a buffer stock.

    The RTI revelation had provided an idea of the government mindset about India's food security. The FCI CMD said no decision had been taken on this rather contentious idea to outsource India's food security. The FCI should take reports generated by corporate lobbies with scepticism.

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