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    Post by nu_lee2003 on Sun May 08, 2011 6:16 pm

    Rs 80 lakh fraudently withdrawn from FCI account
    PTI | 06:05 PM,May 07,2011
    Kanpur, May 7 (PTI) A fraud has been detected at the State Bank of India's main branch here after Rs 80 lakh were found to be withdrawn from the account of Food Corporation of India (FCI) through a fake cheque, police said today. A person had opened an account in the Punjab National Bank branch at Sikandarabad in Bulandshahr district by submitting fake documents and later a payment of Rs 80 lakhs was cleared by SBI on a fake cheque issued by him, Deputy General Manager of the SBI branch Tilak Raj Sachdeva said. He said the CBI has been informed about the matter and no further payment will be made from the FCI's account. Sachdeva said the officials of PNB have been reprimanded for not checking the authenticity of the cheque and making a huge payment to an unidentified person. Meanwhile, FCI officials have lodged a complaint and the matter is being investigated, the police said. This could be a case of hand-in-gloves between PNB and SBI officials, police said, adding that officials involved in this transaction are being thoroghly investigated.

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